Progress 3- Focus course Module 3 starting today.

Atlast, made it to module three. According to the course this is a real deal.
Few things that have sticked till now in the course: The journaling process has been awesome till now. The other habits of setting up clothes and 10 things to do, fizzled out after a new puppy. The puppy was a never planned thing, but we always wanted a pet for the kids. When I started the course, my mornings were only for the course and things to follow up. But with sudden change, am not able to complete the start-up aka week 1 activities in the course. One thing I wished in the course was able to do was, how to stick with the focus needs even in some unplanned conditions.
Week 2 assignments have made me aware of my physical fitness,goals and some baby steps for planning.
Hope to go knee deep into module 3 now.

Cheat sheet guide for good Rest Service.

These are some really good design principles. It is very nicely explained. I preferred following this guide than understanding Rails scafolding. With Java being such a verbose language I felt this was mostly written for Java based application, I preferred this explaination and apply it to RAILS and how it was done there. Sometimes it is frustrating why a specific scaffold behaves in the way it behaves in RAILS. That to say am no way a awesome ruby rails developer. But this link and guide provides industry best practice and reason for it. Good read and nice blog to follow. Link

Adventures with Rasberry PI 3.

My big Raspberry pi topic. I had a bust buying the new Rasberry PI. I was thinking to use the Rasberry PI and showcase my kids some electronic widgetry. It ended being a bust, there are too many tutorials about it and I did not realize the problem is some basic understanding from me about circuit boards was helpful. But there was a good makers month video by Scott Hanselman in his blog. One other data feed to keep an eye on is the twitter feed of PI

The focus course try out.

There it goes., am doing the focus course starting today.
Actually I wanted to try this course for a long time now. But I have been pushing this for sometime. What else is a better time than doing it at the end of year. Am hoping this will be a good habit to carry forward for the new years in.
The first thing, I think to follow in the course is going to be for the next few days, am going to goto bed early. To keep up for my sleep am going to star reading a book.
I dunno how far is this going to go. But I want to give it a try.
One has 60 days money back guarantee if does not work for me.

New home

I eventually had to give up on my subscription with digital ocean. I loved their service. It has been really great setting up the droplet for my blog, doing the hacks to keep your little droplet instance safe. But time was a factor and for some reason, I did not know how to set things up correctly and I was getting more site down-time pings. I love square space and the ease of use for me start doing my work.
My old blurbs are in the archived link, I plan to pick atleast one technical topic to discuss.