Lot of Indie development

My thoughts on indie development and day dreaming for iPhone application development, This week there were interesting blog posts about idie development. The first one that caught my attention was RSS reader indie developer Jared Sinclair.,In his write-up he was explaining how toughIndie development was and to follow-up there was another great post by Stuart Hall blog. In his writeup he gives some recommendation on how to be successful in the app-store. I wanted to chart out my thoughts for indie development and how important it is to be a "famous developer" for all the iBoys to market apps and to survive in the App Store.

So to continue, I heard almost 4-6 hours of various podcasts this week, ATP fm, Prompt, Talk show, Pragmatic and Debug., and after all the great recommendations from iBoys community, I had to get new overcast app . Immediately supported and got the in-app purchase for $4.99. Why did I do that and is it an podcast app for me, I have no clue and it is definitely not helping my podcast workflow., Most of the podcasts I listen to never sync up with Overcast. Here is an example.,

My podcast

My previous podcast client is Downcast. It was working well for me, but I cannot afford to have only 1 app on my device. So to keep my loyalty to indie development, I had to delete downcast and install overcast. Overcast still does not work.

Finally if you are not a famous developer who is not backed by the iBoys world, you know what is going to be the end result,.