iOS 8 Indie development

ok., now that everyone is aware and working, learning with iOS 8 and the wonderful things that it can do for the next generation of apps. With Apple's NDA in-place, not sure how much can u talk in the beta versions. Am a indie iOS developer, with a regular job. So here is my gripe. With iOS 8, these are some of high level items you get with the new OS.,

  • Homekit
  • Healthkit
  • Swift
  • Homekit
  • Family Sharing
  • cloud kit

Each of these API's are ocean by its own-self. Now as an indie developer how much can you take advantage of all the new API's. Am almost done with binge watching the WWDC videos. Now learning all these and coming up with an app idea is the next task. Looks like another win-win situation only for developers who are not doing indie development. The dream of becoming the next million dollar app developer still evolves.,