Changing Apple id.,

I wanted to change my apple-id., it was the most laborious task and the plan is not to venture into it again for a long time. 

As always to change my apple id., it all started from following the instructions here., but that was the only easy part. The instructions here is just one step., here are the complete details:

  • Summon all iDevices into your room. If any of the iDevice owner in the old account is not present, sorry you simply cannot reset the apple id. Until unless you are OK with loosing all your backups and ok with the iDevice that is not around, when you are resetting the apple-id
  • Never try to change your id and password at the same time.
  • Once your id changes are completed by following the steps, then go to password change.
  • Back up all your iDevices with old apple id.
  • Sign-out of all the iDevices you have under the old apple-id account
    • It is always better to start with your primary mac, goto system preferences==>iCloud==>sign-out. You will be asked the life time decision questions, just click the delete mac option. you will be prompted for the apple password twice. 
    • Next get your iDevice goto settings==>iCloud==>Delete Account, you will be prompted for the apple password twice. If you have long password, it is just the beginning of the process to data entry.
  • Repeat above process for all the iDevices, for example if you have an iPad, iPhone, Apple Tv, Mac Book, MBA's. If you even miss one device, sorry you have to do this again and it is not possible to update your apple id. (On an average each device takes around 5-7 mins)
  • Once you are completely sure all the iDevices are not associated with your old id, then click the KB link and follow the instructions.
  • Once the primary apple id is entered, you will be asked to confirm the new apple id email address.
  • During the process, if you are signed up for two factor authentication, which you should, enter the code during the confirmation process.
  • Now that you have your new apple id., go back to your primary mac. Since you would have removed the iCloud account information, enter your new apple id in the device, and sync up all the preferences.
  • Next for example, let us set up the iPhone. Click iCloud and put in your new apple id and password. Manage your sync preferences. If you have a keychain password, you will have to re-enter it.
  • Now repeat this process for all your iDevices. If you are planning to update your apple-id, on a average it should take you around 4-6 hours. This estimate is only if you wish to retain all the information on iDevices.
  • My sincere advise is never change your apple id :-)