Radio apps


I love beats and spotify. These Online radio apps  were not going to fit the bill for  listening to  rehman, raja  or malik's music. Most of us have a huge iTunes collection, but the problem is arranging that to a playlist.  Desi radio songs, will have to be in the mix. I was looking to get an app for desi bollywood and tollywood songs.Here are the options that you have



Saaavn- good app for desi songs. But the UI navigation needs some sort of learning on your end before getting use to it. I understand that they have tabbed window pane for navigation, but it needs to be changed. Finding songs and albums is neat, but one will be narrowed by the language genre. So from the app you can select language genre as  hindi and you will be provided with songs/albums of that language. If you want to look for tamil songs, you will have to switch the language genre as tamil. Not a big deal, but I don't like that. $3.99 in-app purchase. But remember not to create your login credentials using FB. If you want to switch it to an email address later you will not be able to. The prearranged playlist is the main thing in this app. They produce so many playlist, it just crushes competition., 

Dhinghana-  This was the first app that I found for desi radio listening. Great app,UI is simple, clutter free. Finding songs and albums is not painful. The subscription price is $3.99 in-app purchase. You can ofcourse nag ur FB friends with the songs you are listening. The best part is the dhinghana team assembled playlist. But other than those, there is no variety in the playlist.  Looks like the app is no longer in service.

For now the playlist part is what I liked about saavn. Planning to use this app for sometime or until I get bored of their playlist.