The podcast changes.,

I have not seen a cut throat competition market like the podcasters and journalists. Every year I look forward for the  changes that is going to happen in my little world where I gather news and information to keep my geekiness awake. Year 2013 was no different.

First let me start with few things that I will miss, Tech news today let go Tom Merrit and he promptly started another tech news flavor podcast on his own. My regular news podcast., Tech News today is being hosted by Mike Elgan. Tech news today also lost Iyaz akthar, a brilliant guy whom I follow for DIY projects. I knew the day that they brought co-host for know how Ballacer, it was going to be a spiral down. Am sure Iyaz is going to come up with something interesting soon.

The second night-mare is the moves in All things D. The move by Kara Fisher and Walt was big change. They quickly moved and formed an alliance to form re/code

Finally after breaking from 5by5. Marco,  Casey and Siracusa formed an alliance to produce ATP, the best tech podcast for mac geeks. 

Who said change is good. Honestly, I don't want so many changes for my podcasts. Too much competition, not sure if it is good or bad. Hopefully my news consumption is going to make me only better.