The Invisible Plumbing Of Our Economy : Planet Money : NPR

Always love planet money. The only alternative that I see for ACH that is discussed here is Dwolla, they are probably a relative new player in the processing system. The only financial institution that is taking advantage is a 160K user base credit union. Are there any other alternatives to ACH??

But with the growth rate from Nacha.,non-profit that governs ACH is 4.71%, and has had around 4,153,075,327 total transactions for the 2nd quarter of 2013. The best part is Nacha runs using the COBOL as its back-end system.

According to thisnew-york article, it is becoming more and more difficult to find COBOL programmers as there is no curriculum in the schools.

Time to get back to basics and think aloud on this, why would any institution or organization move from COBOL, where the average scaling rate is around 4% for the past 40 years without much issue.

My rule of thumb is to follow and develop an app to communicate with a COBOL program and give your user convenience. But do not move away from the back-end COBOL systems and GOTO your community college to learn COBOL.