Heroku commands- some lessons

Some of the Heroku commands,

All these commands are executer from the terminal window prompt:

When you first create an application on Heroku, All users will be able to get a default database. This is a free version of PostgreSql. For some reason, if you are some one like me and you delete this database, Heroku allows you to create a new database. For associating this new database to your application comment prompt is

  • heroku pg:promote HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_maroon

In the above command the name of my database is HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_maroon

To know more information about your database following command can help

  • heroku pg:info

To view heroku logs the command would be 

  • heroku logs
The famous db migration command is 
  • heroku run rake db:migrate

The famous Rake command got a new twist

  •  heroku run rake
  • heroku run rake routes

These are the first draft that help me to keep toying with the deployment of