Intellij RVM Mac and Ruby Installer

Happened to recently upgrade my base version of Ruby with 1.9.3. Always upgrading ruby version in Mac's is a bit tardy process. I use the RVM installer to install and upgrade Ruby. First the command to install RVM will be

curl -L | bash -s stable

There are different ways that you can install RVM and the compilers that are allowed, my understanding is, x-Code is mostly used for development. But am more tuned to IntelliJ and the feature set that I get along with it.

Once you run the above common, for some reason the RVM was not in my .bash file and I was unable to execute any of the RVM commands to install Ruby., Stack-overflow had an interesting answer for my question, here is the link from which I made some tweaks to my install. When you are confident that RVM is working by running the command

type rvm | head -n 1

You are ready to install Ruby and the command for installing that is

$ curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby

This command installs ruby in your machine, mostly the directory will be something like this


Finally to the IntelliJ version, here are the screen steps to follow

step 1

step 2


Once the above screens are completed, here is the complete set of GEM's that one will get along with the install


Finally make sure the screen in ur console looks similar to this

Process finished with exit code 0

that is to be done., click the test/prod env button, see below screen

run screen

and here is my rails app running



Happy RoR using intelliJ