Codeschool and Kick-starter- Investment of the year 2012

The best investment for the year 2012 has been my kickstarter contribution to

I was solicitied from a a blog that-  I don't remember which said, the cheapest training for iOS was $25 from codeschool. Contribution was a not a big deal.,

There were a total of 8 emails that was sent as a Kickstarter backer to keep me updated about the course.

Finally when everything was done, I was updated about course being ready and I took the try iOS course.

Two simple words about the course "Simply Outstanding".

You do not need a Mac to take their course, entire course is in a virtual machine. Wow., 

Instructor Gregg is a def veteran in training. 

Entire course concentrates on few items,

  • View Controllers
  • RootView controllers
  • Third party JSON api's

All these items are covered very well and cannot be more simpler than what is in the course.

Take it for a spin, don't think you will ever go wrong with the time and amount you have spent to learn iOS programming.