Life after Stackoverflow

I happened to find time to do most of my second life non revenue generating projects only during weekends. Total time that I have to complete a task is around 4-8 hours. Main purpose of doing these projects is to venture into technologies that I want to play around with and do not have time in my mainstream development cycle. Above parameters + family time- here are my steps to achieve the required results. For one the agenda projects, I wanted to start doing Responsive design. Ethan Marcotte  book  was eye opening, it is very difficult not to follow the guidelines provided. Now I know I wanted to do responsive design and I do not have a lot of time to keep up with this responsibility. As like any of my other workflows- my start with Google and put keywords like responsive design, responsive design templates. Search results were useful, but I cannot afford to read and apply the information from my search, so the second best place to start is stack overflow. Same key words and first link that I hit was this one. The blog post by author was very helpful. If you are developer, you will be able to strike chord with what the blog is talking about and how you should go about setting your thought process. Best part is there is a Git Repo to get the information that is discussed in the blog. You can download the responsive design template and then goto a pattern matching website like and pick your own imagination to start doing responsive design. Most of my time is now well spent due  to Stack-overflow and its powerful community. So there you go ==>  Flowchart