Platform for app developers.

New API or publishing platform for saving an application's state. No cost to  its users as the entire ecosystem works based on existing accounts by user. Platform will intelligently analyze the best possible cloud storage platform for data hosting service. We are putting together an application that will hopefully solve a problem for geeks. Generally when you have to transition states of an application between various gaming or development platform, two methods are quiet popular. State of the application can either be stored in a database or in a file with a various formats. Either of these popular solutions require some sort of drive space to host this data. Now imagine a platform that will help you as a developer, where it will mask you how you store the data provided your application is authenticated to any of the Cloud services your user is willing to use for sharing data. 

Blog Intent

My intent is to develop this application as a native iOS client and as a rails web application. Ruby rails is kind of a learning objective. Code for the application is in my github page account. Hoping this will be useful for all geeks to best use free dropbox/evernote and other cloud services account. 

First to scope this discussion, we will just concentrate on two cloud services, evernote and Dropbox. Both applications are used for different reasons. But I don't want to talk about the use-case of when to use one over the other. Application will use something called Responsive UI design for web-pages that are put tougher over here. 

Blog Intent2

We will explore the implementation of this in a 3 part series.