Mobile/Web table design

Purpose of this post to identify how should I be designing a table that has similar tasks between a mobile and a web application. Purpose of the application is to allow a user who can use either a mobile or a web platform to type notes and upon saving this data, system should save it in two different cloud accounts.

Here is a quick sketch, I have two tables one for the mobile platform and one other for the web application platform. Design reason I had two different tables, one of justification I came up for having a different table for mobile device is; if for some reason user is not having an internet connection then we would want to store the note in a local repo and sync it with the clouds when there is an active network. So here is the first table that we have in mobile device

From March 29, 2012

Web application table looks something like this

From March 29, 2012

As you can see two tables that are supposed to do identical tasks are turning out to be completely different. I essentially do not want to maintain two tables, but design justification is forcing to have independent entities that will have to have different attributes, other option I have is have one web application and expose the table in web application as REST based service for updates. But it will again fall into the category, where if user is not having a good network connection, app will be a dud. My hope is to get a better understanding and recommendations of how I should mitigate these type of issues, is there a good guidebook that might be useful??