Why a new Mac-

After a long time, am going to let go of my MacBook. Solid 3 years of 4 months and don't think it is going to get tired serving its next owner.

Why did I end up setting up a new home office Mac-

My build time for the apps am working on is around 34 seconds. If you want to time your app development build time, there is an wonderful adobe application called Focus booster. I use for doing sprints during development. It can be downloaded using this link. Here is what one can do in 34 seconds, look up 20 tweets from various folks. Visit 4 web pages, read 3 white paper articles. Bottom line it is enough time to loose your focus. It takes quiet a bit of time to bring focus back and start coding. If you are really coding, 34 seconds of distraction is enough to stray away from your task for next 2 hours. What can you do, first and foremost, get rid of any PC that is not a MAC, follow the instructions given during your purchase session to get the configs, get it shipped the next day. Coding without any Interruption is the most important feature missed and am fully convinced that it is possible only by upgrading home office setup to a decent set-up.

I decided to start it with a Mac Mini base version, with 8 GB RAM. I did not order for a SSD device yet. But am seriously thinking about it. AM yet to bench mark how much of time am saving with the Mac Mini to start with.

More to come.