What is commin.,

Currently I have been looking into spring batch and spring integration API's. Am not going to write what is special about spring batch, but the discussion is more focused on how to use it. There is no book that I could lay my hands for Spring batch. Some of the use cases where spring batch can be good contenders are outlined here.

For narrowing the scope on spring batch, I was thinking uploading my photos to Flickr would be a good example, to discuss further
Flickr is a popular photo sharing application, Yahoo has some good API's built around it.

To use Flickr API' they advocate you to get some identity parameters. One is the API Key and other secret. More details can be found here.

Once you get these information, it is now time to idetify what is the platform you are going to use for the application. For me it had to be JAVA, so check out the two Java API's that is built for flickr usage. I chose the popular one called flickrj. More information on this API here. I always end up going to this blog for any clarifications on this API.

Here is a quick example of connecting with Flickr for uploading a picture.

Flickr Code Part #1

Flicr Code Part #2

Now that we have one photo uploaded. We will see how to do batches of this. For doing spring batch, here is a quick overview of how the project structure is going to be. We will have a EAR project, a Java Application Client project, and a util project. We all know what is the EAR, util project is nothing but a simple java project, application client project (image)

Application Client Project

is a JEE specification that will house the main method that will kick a batch job. We will examine how to write a ANT script to kick off this batch job. Now we have all the tools that is required for writing the batch application. Next post we will build the framework.