WeatherService works for Mannar-

Today mannar was able to get the weather webserivce working. Java-WS had to be tossed for this solution. CLASSPATH issues was killing application development. So the solution that had to be worked around for getting this to work is read the IBM series for SOA :). Some of the userful links that might help is link. Google APP engine and WS tool kit is still a horizon that has to be explored. Hope to hear from google app engine community soon about the CLASSPATH issue. When I look into the CLASSPATH of app engine; I see geronimo app server attached; is that causing CLASSPATH issues ??? Anyway keeping that million dollar question open and moving back to google app engine; JBOSS had to go, could not afford to pay $20 for hosting Java apps.
Meanwhile, download apache axis. Get the apps jar files; axis2.jar, saaj.jar, wsdl4j1.5.1 jar; copy them to application CLASSPATH. Updated .classpath file is


Move back to the IDE; generate a WSDL client application. Check MyEclipse IDE for a detailed view (Click).

There will be no change to the Java objects that were generated by XSD. Final weatherClient code base is


WeatherClient Continue

Once client configuration is done and use XJC to generate JAXB objects. All set to track with weather service client. Few lessons learnt from JAXB XSD implementations; There are four well known patterns in XSD design. They are Russian Doll pattern, Salami Slice Pattern; Venetian Blinds and Garden of Eden. If there is an interest in discussing these patterns we can definitely do it. But in the meantime, JAXB's implementation uses Garden of Eden quiet extensively. Sun picked up this pattern idea from OAGi community.

Next we will explore how to use NPR's API's to get their content information.
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