Mannar updates.

We were trying to use the google app engine for communicating with Weather web-service. there are some special problems; when I run the jar file in the web app engine container. I'm running into sever CLASSPATH issues. It is taking forever to resolve this. For the sake of continuing the blog let us throw the errors running into. Again here are the configuration files


struts-config struts-config

Struts Forms Struts Forms

Struts-Action Struts-Action

The is a JSP file. YUI is being used for developing some drop downs and auto complete. We will keep the YUI discussion for another day. But on a high level weatherstation.jsp

WeatherStation.jsp WeatherStation.jsp

Upon submission of this page; the action class is invoked. Following screen print. Though I have not completed this action fully, it gives an overall idea.

WeatherStationInvokeAction WeatherStationInvokeAction

Delegate Delegate

The reason for using the JEE's delegate pattern up here is; we are using the business objects that returns data/throws exception directly; isolation from action classes will give a cleaner separation.

Moving on, when running this application the error is

Error Error

Looking from the error; looks like it is a perfect storm of classpath issues. Have the JAXB working for parsing XML. Google app engine has a XML parser and on top of that; we are using JAX WS for webservices. All the culmination; yet to find a solution to resolve this and present a full sketch of an application. One quick update today is Ported everything to a JBOSS app server to see if that helps
Bummer, JBOSS does a proxy delegate that is again posing some CLASSPATH issues.
If there are any solutions to resolve this; please do put in your comments.