Opinion needed-

Here is a project that am trying to come up with something that might be useful anyone who will be interested in all the open source connection API's. As we know after the dot.com bust any company that has arised from the dusk is competing against each other so that their interface can be programmed. For example national weather center has a webservice that can be used for development, remember the milk is another API that is exposing its interface. So I was thinking of a case study that can utilize these Open API's, a single place for fellow technologists for referring. So here we go on the case study.

Supurayan is a programmer at mannar and company. His main job responsibilities are, check latest updates from National public radio, take a coffee break, check what is the weather for the day. One thing about Supurayan is since he is a full time employee he does not mind what is the performance for any of these applications. His major concern is he wants everything to be done with minimum clicks. For current stage he can sit in front of the computer for more time pretending to work. He is crazy lazy that he wants his user interface to do most of the operations. In the following narration we will identfy what are the best possible ways to connect with NPR, and check weather as he is checking the latest news at NPR.

Tasks identified for Supurayan application-

  • Open an account with NPR to get a key that can be used for communicating with their website.

  • Open an account with National weather service.

  • Setup google App Engine.

  • Create new web=project.

  • setup a version control system.

  • Setup YUI data table to show NPR information

  • Setup a Tab system to show weather information.

I will start working on these tasks from tommorow. If you have any specific feedback feel free to put into my comments block.